Each year ECAS commissioned two substantial and unique artworks or performances. The network supported innovative works of a high artistic standard, experimental in nature and addressing trans-European issues. The commissions also link to the wider themes adopted annually by the network.

ECAS gave particular emphasis to commissioning interdisciplinary artworks and aimed to fund works that could not be produced without the support of the ECAS network. Calls for submissions were publicised at ECAS website, along with full criteria and details of the theme for the year.

Kimchi and Chips : »SWAP PLACES«" intolight : »CHET« Heimo Lattner : »Silbadores« Richard Mosse & Ben Frost : »The Enclave« Joris Hoogeboom & Teun Verkerk : »BUQS« Radio Call I : π-node Radio Call I : Luka Ivanović : »Walk that Sound« Radio Call II : »ASMR: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response – Algorithmic Variations I and II« Radio Call II : Sol Rezza : »In the Darkness of the World«