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»Cultural Worker in Residence«

In each Working Period all core applicants will send out a trainee from his/her organisation to one of the co-applicants organisations to support working on the ECAS-project for two months. Nine internships will be offered for the ECAS-project in each Working Period by co-applicants, providing opportunities for international exchange.

ParticipantHome organizationHome CountryHost organizationHost Country
Gaute BarlindhaugInsomniaNOFutureEverythingUK
Amalie RobertsFutureEverythingUKInsomniaNO
10.10. - 11.10.2011
Joanna SzlauderbachRIAMDECynetArtDE
Sarah LauzemisCimaticsBEDISKDE
Zane DatavaSkanu MezsLVCTMDE
Kate LestaCommunikeyUSUnsoundPL
05.10. - 16.10.2011
"I was mostly responsible for facilitating and administrating the ICAS meeting at Unsound that year. We invited many organizers from Eastern EU countries, who were not members of the network, but are doing relevant and important cultural work in their respective areas, and we were seeking to connect them with other Western EU organizers."
Thomas DumkeTMADEMusikprotokollAT
Tim TerpstraTodaysArtNLFutureEverythingUK
Producer of City Fictions exhibition programme ::: City Fictions / BUQS