»from CTM '11«

Duration: 2:56:46
Location: Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin
Hosted by: Susanna Niedermayr , Christian Scheib
Copyright: OE1.ORF and Reboot.fm
Language: German

For more than forty years Musikprotokoll has explored musical, social and media spaces, and for more than ten years the Berlin based festival Club Transmediale has been an indicator for developments in the field of electronic music and club culture.

In 2008 Musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst together with Club Transmediale an several other European festivals co-founded an international network of festivals. The network is called ECAS, European Cities of Advances Sound, and has also been enlarged by now to the worldwide association International Cities of Advanced Sound ICAS.

Nine of the European festivals have gained EU-sponsorship for the time-span 2010 to 2015 for realizing the special project “ECAS – Networking Tomorrow’s Art For An Unknown Future”. During the first phase called “Festival as Lab” all festivals turn into laboratories, opening up social spaces for experimenting with art and music, thereby reflecting the early days of clubculture. And again Club Transmediale sets the first step. So tonight we join this festival for a three-hours broadcast for listening into live-music at three different venues in Berlin. Susanna Niedermayr and Christian Scheib, ORF radiojournalists and curators of the network-partner festival musikprotokoll, will lead through the night together with one of the three artistic directors of the festival Club Transmediale, Oliver Baurhenn. Several other curators and partners of the network “European Cities of European Sound” will join in.


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