ECAS Member

Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau e.V.
Dresden, Germany
Festival: CYNETART

The TMA Hellerau is a non-profit organization in Dresden, which initiates all year projects and new connections between art, science and technology. The TMA Hellerau reacts to the challenges that arise at the intersection of new media technology and social conventions. And at the same time it’s a network in which artists, technologists, scientists, activists and students from all over the world meet.


Since 1997, the CYNETART Festival presents international artistic positions at the intersection between art and science. Every year in November artists, scientists, creatives and activists from home and abroad come to Dresden to provide a unique insight into their trans- and interdisciplinary examination of current technologies and media. The CYNETART Festival is organized by the Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau e.V. in cooperation with HELLERAU - European Centre for the Arts and is funded by many important institutions.

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ECAS stages

ECAS Working Period I / 11.11. - 17.11. 2010
ECAS Working Period II / 16.11. - 26.11. 2011
ECAS Working Period II / 15.11. - 21.11. 2012
CYNETART 2013 – »The body does not lie!«
ECAS Working Period III / 14.11. - 20.11. 2013
ECAS Working Period IV / 13.11. - 19.11. 2014

ECAS related TEAM

Thomas Dumke – former CYNETART director / EU project coordinator / TMA board

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About CYNETART Festival

CynetArt is an international festival for computer-aided art in Dresden, Germany. Since its inception in 1997, the festival has offered in-depth views of current developments around technology-based art, and has become the focal point for media research institute Trans-Media-Akademie (TMA) Hellerau. This collaboration has developed the festival into a countrywide and internationally recognised platform for digital culture.

In November every year, CynetArt brings together a lively mix of creative programmers, skilful engineers, innovative sound technicians and media artists from all over the world. The festival presents current trends in the artistic debate around, and application of, computer and network technologies. Every two years the festival is accompanied by the international CynetArt competition. With a total prize money of 28,400 Euro it ranks among Europe’s top media art awards. An international expert jury chooses the winners of the CynetArt award from more than 300 submissions and 30 countries. It also awards a sponsorship prize and an artist-in-residence-scholarship funded by the Saxon State Ministry of Science and Art.

CynetArt is a dynamic and energy-driven festival which thrives on its variety of international artists and visitors. It features the captivating architecture of the exceptional and authentic festival theatre Hellerau, and a program rich in contrast. The latter includes performances, exhibitions, lectures and workshops as well as electronic live concerts – altogether an exciting panorama.