Partner Meeting

Boulder USA during CMKY Festival
Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place
2027 13th St, Boulder 80302

Presented in collaboration with the ICAS Network (International Cities of Advanced Sound) and an ongoing European project within the ICAS network, the ICAS Lab will explore Tools for an Unknown Future within two dedicated sessions. The morning portion of the program will bring focus to Participatory Creativity in the Urban Space, dealing with notions of how participatory creativity can reinforce the cultural and social links within urban environments and act as a catalyst for social change. The afternoon program, on the other hand, will explore going Beyond Borders via tools such as cultural exchange, knowledge sharing and navigating between different geographic and national realities, as well as breaking down barriers between the private and public spheres. Featuring a mix of keynote speeches, panels, case studies and presentations, the symposium program will elaborate a cohesive view of current trends in social thinking and propose visions for the future.

The symposium coincides with the annual ICAS/ECAS partner meeting.

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ICAS Radio11.04.2014
ICAS RADIO from Communikey '14 - Boulder
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Participants Susanna Niedermayr, Oliver Baurhenn
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ICAS Lab details & schedule during CMKY

The International Cities of Advanced Sound (ICAS) Lab is a special one-day symposium hosted by CMKY 2014, and proudly produced in collaboration with the ICAS network. Free and open to the public, the symposium aims to facilitate an ongoing conversation between innovators who work in the intertwined worlds of culture, design and urban planning.

Detailed Programme:

Sound and digital images are everywhere, a consequence of the ever-spreading reach of advertising and new technologies. At the same time, new artistic approaches for creating art and music for the public realm, as well as new tools enabling citizens to be responsible for constructing their own city, are emerging everywhere. As urban spaces draw together different communities and forms of media and technology, digital technology is changing the function of the city and dissolving boundaries between work and play. This morning is dedicated to exploring how participatory creativity can reinforce the cultural and social link in the urban space, acting as a catalyst for social change.

11am - 11:05am
Speaker: Oliver Baurhenn (Co-Director, CTM Festival; Berlin, DE)

Keynote - Future Making
11:05am - 11:35am
Speaker: Drew Hemment (Director FutureEverything Festival; Manchester, UK)
We need new ways to think about, imagine, and create the future. After a tumultuous year, when the issues that used to be confined to new media art festivals have come to dominate the front pages, we can ask, where now for our digital culture? The talk will consider how the open source community, artists, creative technologists, hackers and festivals can reshape society and our cities at a deep level. Where today is the fertile ground where society reinvents itself, and how can we build a truly participatory culture and society, with art and artists at the centre of things, and everyone, everywhere able to shape their world for the better?

11:35am - 11:50am
Speakers: Cyril Guillory (General Coordinator, Maintenant; Rennes, FR), Martin Craciun (Director, SOCO Festival; Montevideo, UY)

Moderator: Oliver Baurhenn (Co-Director, CTM Festival; Berlin, DE)

Q&A with the Audience
11:50am - 12:00pm

Case Studies
12:00pm - 1:00pm
A series of short presentations highlighting current practices using new tools that enable citizens to be responsible for creating their own city and influencing social change.

Mike Moore (Artist+Design Principle, Tres Birds Workshop, Boulder CO) - Employ Artists and Pay Them Well!
Lauren Goshinski (Co-Director, VIA Festival; Pittsburgh, PA) - BYOC (Bring Your Own Club)
Todd Berger & Lucian Föhr (Berger & Föhr; Boulder, CO) – You Are Not a Product
Petra Sertic (Independent Curator and Co-Founder, Launchpad; Denver, CO) - Launch Pad

Moderator: Oliver Baurhenn (CTM Festival; Berlin, DE)

Case Study Q&A with the Audience
1:00pm - 1:20PM
A session with all case study presenters, open to group discussion or one-on-one questions.

Theme 1 Closing Words
1:20PM - 1:30PM
Speaker: Oliver Baurhenn (Co-Director, CTM Festival; Berlin, DE)


An interconnected view of the world has emerged in the 21st century, generating a framework of hybrid networks, along with a breakdown of traditional boundaries between disciplines, cultures, and most of all, between generations. Meet engaged representatives of the new generation of cultural activists in an afternoon dedicated to exploring ways of using tools such as cultural exchange, knowledge sharing, navigating between different geographical/cultural realities, the private vs public sphere and more.

2:30pm - 2:40pm
Speaker: Oliver Baurhenn (Co-Director, CTM Festival; Berlin, DE)

Presentation - Neither here, nor there, but everywhere: navigating borderlands
2:40pm - 3:00pm
Speaker: Sabrina Sideris (Program Director/Instructor, INVST Community Leadersip Program; Boulder, CO)
In my work at CU-Boulder with INVST, I support college students and social & environmental justice workers in respectfully traveling & engaging in cultural exchange: I will share with you some of the lessons I like to offer to them. INVST is uniquely an organization that is an academic program but run like a non-profit, so I have many stories to share about navigating between different realities.Finally, through my experience with several local housing coops, I have lived in space that is both public & private at the same time, so I would also like to open discussion about breaking down barriers between private and public spheres.

Presentation - Festival formatting and the fluid landscape
3:00pm - 3:20pm
Speaker: Relja Bobic (Co-Director, Dis-patch Collective; Belgrade, RS)
Over the last decade, festivals have become the primary form of dissemination of cultural content, taking on a central role in the field of creative or cultural industries. Ten years on, in order to stay truly progressive, innovative and creative, electronic music and arts festivals need to be open to new and fluid ways of formatting themselves to the increasingly fluid contexts.

Panel - Outside the Lines
3:20pm - 4:00pm
From bi- and multi-lateral collaborations between festivals and event producers, to mobile models where events are adapted to local contexts, to radically new methods for exploring new territories, working across geographical and cultural borders implies a unique set of challenges, experiences, and knowledge. This panel brings together representatives from festivals that have each adopted different strategies in developing intercontinental collaborations on a long-term basis, and that have reached out to different target areas around the globe. Motivations, experiences, and perspectives on new ways of building projects both locally and internationally will be discussed.

Bertrand Caussé (Board Member, Les Siestes électroniques; Toulouse, FR)
Damian Romero (Director, MUTEK.MX; Mexico City, MX)
Mat Schulz (Artistic Director, Unsound Festival; Krakow, PL)

Moderator: Oliver Baurhenn (Co-Director, CTM Festival; Berlin, DE)

Q&A with the Audience
4:00pm - 4:15pm

Closing Keynote: Being Unreasonable
4:15pm - 4:45pm
Speaker: Teju Ravilochan (Co-founder and CEO, Unreasonable Institute, Denver, CO)
If we hope to move beyond borders, the most significant border is our own belief in what is possible. This talk is about the importance of being unreasonable, attempting what is impossible, and how to increase the odds that when you make those attempts, you succeed.

Closing Thank You
4:45pm - 4:50pm
Speakers: Kate Lesta (Creative & Managing Director, Communikey Festival; Boulder, CO),
Oliver Baurhenn (Co-Director, CTM Festival; Berlin, DE)


The symposium coincides with the annual ICAS/ECAS partner meeting. ICAS – International Cities for Advanced Sound & Related arts – is a network of likeminded independent festivals around the globe that works to foster collaboration and exchange within arts and music. The European branch ECAS is supported by the European Commission of Culture.

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