CTM 2012

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CTM 2012
30.01. - 05.02.2012 / Berlin, Germany

With an extensive program of concerts, discourses and an exhibition space, CTM.12 – Festival for Adventurous Music and Related Arts appropriated the festival theme SPECTRAL to explore the reemergence of all things ghostly and dark in experimental music, avant-pop, and art – and to speculate about its possible causes and inherent potentials. The thirteenth edition of the Festival was held from 30 January to 5 February 2012. As always, CTM runned parallel to and in cooperation with Berlin's festival for art and digital culture, transmediale, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2012.

ECAS supported events during the festival:
Exhibition / Workshop / Presentation: "The Crystal World Open Laboratory"27.01. - 05.02.2012
Date27.01. - 05.02.2012
ActionExhibition / Workshop / Presentation: "The Crystal World Open Laboratory"
ParticipantsMartin Howse, Jonathan Kemp and Ryan Jordan
LocationKunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien
Sponsoring PartnersDISK
PrintCTM '12 print program
Online References http://archive.ctm-festival.de/ctm-festival/exhibition/the-crystal-world.html

DescriptionIn The Crystal World Open Laboratory by Martin Howse, Jonathan Kemp and Ryan Jordan, the basic materials of digital devices (gold, silver, palladium, silicon, etc.) are recovered by mechanical and chemical methods. Here, the often dangerous process of recovering rare raw materials from the waste cycles are revealed, just as is practiced by the dispossessed in all parts of the world for reasons of survival. In a second step, the raw materials gained during the process are used to construct new electrochemical test arrangements for producing sound, light and other events that make use of chaotic material processes. The closed, completely determined environment of digital calculations is broken into and opened up by forcible de-crystallization and re-crystallization in order to etch psychophysical distortions and uncertainties into the crystalline cycles. At the end of the workshop period the results will be displayed in a mixture between presentation and performance. Afterwards, the setting, the materials and the created artifacts will remain visible as an exhibit.

As part of the project The Crystal World, Ralf Baecker shows his installation "Irrational Computing". The installation is an artistic examination of the materials, aesthetics, and potential of digital processes. The installation is based on semiconductor crystals, the raw materials of information technology, and, through targeted manipulation of these materials, it forms a digital signal processing engine that operates on the dividing line between order and chaos. "Irrational Computing" reinforces the mystique and magic of these materials, which are the core of the technology that exists all around us.



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