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TodaysArt 2012
International Festival Beyond Art
21.09. - 22.09.2012 / The Hague, The Netherlands

TodaysArt is an annual festival concept that revolves around the presentation and development of adventurous contemporary visual and performing arts. The 8th edition of the TodaysArt Festival features an adventurous and multidisciplinary program with projects in public space, performances, concerts, club nights, exhibitions and a conference at multiple locations on and around the Spuiplein in The Hague’s city center. Next to the main program TodaysArt presents exhibitions in the Electriciteitsfabriek, a conference, and a Periphery program.

ECAS supported events during the festival:
Installation: "Vortex"21.09. - 22.09.2012
ParticipantsRaumlabor Berlin
LocationSpuiplein (Centre)
Sponsoring Partners
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Description At the heart of the festival on the Spuiplein stands the ‘Vortex’, a large pavilion designed by the architects of Raumlaborberlin. The ‘vortex’ is made from a heap of discarded everyday objects from the people in the hague. It also incorporates furniture from several cultural institutions that will cease to exist due to the budget cuts by the dutch government. The building resembles a large whirlwind that draws everything in, which symbolizes the transitory nature of our society. After all, the ‘vortex’ will disappear once the festival is over. The ‘vortex’ is constructed over the course of several weeks in collaboration with refunc, the collective which - during previous editions of todaysart - has proven to be most creative in the field of garbage architecture.


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