»from ORF musikprotokoll im Steirischen Herbst«
Graz, Austria
zeitton.extended, 23h - 2h
hosts: Susanna Niedermayr, Oliver Baurhenn und Christian Scheib

musikprotokoll 2012. Enharmony. - Live
Following extensive trips to Berlin, Tromsø, Montevideo and Montreal the ICAS radio show sets for the first time in homeport in Graz. The ORF musikprotokoll the Styrian Autumn festival is a founding member of the festival network ECAS / ICAS the European and International Cities of Advanced Sound. Since 2010 musikprotokoll together with the colleagues of eight European ECAS / ICAS festivals lead the network project "Networking Tomorrow's Art For an Unknown Future".

Musikprotokoll provided the impetus for the thematic focus of the second phase of work, which under the motto "Networks of Advanced Sound and Related Arts - Bridging cultural sectors and different media, and enabling citizen innovation" is. What characterizes the context, music - aesthetically, socio musically, politically? How it affects the creative process and the perception of the audience? The answers to these questions we will get closer with our guests. And we will listen in the live concerts that take place just by the Arditti Quartet, Marcus Schmickler and Gas of Latvia.


Working Period 2