»from CYNETART 2012 in Dresden, Germany«

Susanna Niedermayr & Oliver Baurhenn machen ICAS-Radio mit Gastmoderator Thomas Dumke und den Dresdner
technical support: MDR
temporary studio: Club64, Louisenstrasse 64, Dresden-Neustadt

To see festivals not only as stages for contemporary music but also as discussion platforms is one of the central ideas of all festival producers that came together in the ICAS network. And ICAS Radio is the round table of ICAS, the festival curators and their guests of trust.

Broadcasted during CYNETART 2012 again many guests visited the studio during the show while two exclusive live concerts by Hartmut Dorschner aka Heribert Dorsch and Sebastian Stehlik aka Scherbe took place. The hosts sat cosy with their guests Detlef Schweiger of SARDH and Morphonic Lab, Micha Schuhmann from the venue Altes Wettbüro, Mirko Rotzsch aka DJ Francis and Conrad Kaden of the label and the music platform Uncanny Valley. They explored the rich and exciting musical history of Dresden. Equipped with wireless microphones the people of KAZOOSH! and the group Klangfiguren were interviewed. They were located in the Club 64 exhibition.


Working Period 2