»from Cimatics, Brussels«

23.03 - 02:00 broadcasted as part of the Zeit.Ton extended show
hosts: Susanna Niedermayr together with Oliver Baurhenn and Sarah Lauzemis

guests: Pablo Eekman (The Sound of Belgium), Christoph De Boeck (Overtoon), Bram Crevits (exhibition's curator), Nicolas Wierinck (Cimatics), Oliver Baurhenn (CTM), Els Vermang (LAbau).

This time ICAS Radio sent live from Brussels, from the hometown of the network partner Cimatics. The live broadcasted radio show by austrian national radio (ORF) happened in the framework of the exhibition 'Drones / Birds: Princes of Ubiquity'.

You will hear an acoustic tour through the exhibition guided by curator Bram Crevits, a review of the accompanying discourse event in which, among other things, James Bridle, who coined the term New Aesthetic, pointed out on the omnipresent daily invisible technological infrastructures, such as police reconnaissance UAVs (drones).

Together with Crevits, the Cimatics founder Nicolas Wierinck and further Christoph De Boeck of the artists' collective Overtoon and Els Vermang Lab(au), the Laboratory of Architecture and Urbanism, we discussed the multifaceted cultural landscape of Brussels. With Pablo Eekman, the co-author of the screenplay of the recently completed film "The Sound of Belgium" we plunged into the eventful history of Belgium (electronic) dance music.

For the finale of this edition of ICAS Radio a DJ set was played by Dr. Vinyl Geert Sermon.

The show was kindly supported by the colleagues of the VRT, the Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroeporganisatie (Flemish Radio and Television Corporation).


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