EA concert


»from INSOMNIA 2013 in Tromsø«

Hosts: Susanna Niedermayr and Oliver Baurhenn
Language: also suitable for English speakers ;-)
City: north-norwegian Tromsø

The ICAS RADIO broadcasted the second time live from Insomnia Festival on the Austrian Broadcasting Service ORF Ö1 presenting ECAS projects, the ICAS partner's project, and sounds from above the polar circle. One could listen via the ORF website live.

The austrian-norwegian cooperation outdoor orchester Environmental Auditors presented their live performance the first time during musikprotokoll 2013 festival in Graz. In Tromsø the eight musicians invited again to to listen closely. They played a 1800 squaremeter large and empty hall of a brewery. The concert can be heard at the end of this ICAS RADIO recording. Environmental Auditors weave a concert made of environmental and surrounding sounds, improvising freely, the actual listening experience bring into attention.

This is matching the ECAS project which issued "Ubiquitous Art and Music" at this phase of the project. Insomnia is one of the three ECAS-Festivals, that dedicated themselves to this topic during this working phase, also through further projects, for instance the workshop by Locomofon and “wearable audio computing” and the project BUQS by Teun Verkert and Joris Hoogeboom.

In addition, various musicians were presented that were guests at Insomnia 2013. Also we had invited a part of the Insomnia team to produce the show with us.

Final Concert by Environmental Auditors

In the last part of the INSOMNIA 2013 ICAS RADIO edition you can listen to the special radio mix for the ICAS Radio Show from the Environmental Auditors. The concerts from Graz and Tromsø were intertwined. -

The participants of the concerts were: Daniel Lercher (A): Artistic Director, electronics // Nasra Ali Omar (N): percussion // Agnes Hvizdalek (A): voice // Danielle Dahl (N): saxophone // Rosi Rehformen (A): cello // Rudolf Terland Bjørnerem (N): guitar // Vinzenz Schwab (A): electronics // Simon Daniel Tegnander (N): objects // Susanna Niedermayr (A), Christian Hollingsæter (N): idea and concept

Commissioned by musikprotokoll & Insomnia (Tromsø). ECAS working period 3 “Ubiquitous Art and Music”. With support by the nowegian embassy.


Working Period 3