»from Futureeverything, Manchester«
hosts: Susanna Niedermayr & Oliver Baurhenn & Futureverything Festival
broadcast: 23:03, show: Zeit-Ton extended; radio station: Ö1

Oliver Baurhenn was in England with his amazing colleague Susanna Niedermayr from ORF Ö1 radio station. They visited FutureEverything Festival in Manchester that took place from 27 March to 1 April, 2014. The festival presented a huge range of tools to deal with the future, to see the future or to seize the future und the title Tools for Unknown Futures. All inspired by the 5-year EU project ECAS - Networking Tomorrow’s Art for an Unknown Future. The ECAS project’s big aim is to find and create tools, that help all like minded cultural workers to provide fertile grounds for the presentation of inspiring experimental music and related arts especially beyond the „crisis“ discourse. Co-operation instead competition is the slogan of the bigger festival network ICAS - International Cities of Advanced Sound of which ECAS is a project subgroup.

So be inspired by the speakers of the Tools for Unknown Future-conference that we invited for insights, experience a bit FutureEverythng festival’s amazing art presentations and listen to the sounds of the festival’s concert programme and music from Manchester. Special studio guests were the acid house legend Graham Massey from 808 state, the practitioners and thinkers Rachel Ryan, an artist and Creative Producer at the Rasperry PI Foundation, David Berkvens and Esteban Fuertes Gonzales from the architects group Zuloark, Liam Young, architect, artist and owner of the platform "Tomorrow's Thoughts Today" and Paul Graham Raven, author, editor of Science Fiction online magazine futurismic.com, researcher and future consultant and finally Olivia Wedderburn and Tom Higham from FutureEverything.

The feature is suitable for German and for English speakers this time, as Susanna and I did short translations into German. Enjoy!


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