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TodaysArt 2010
»Capital out of Culture«
24.09. - 25.09.2010 / The Hague, Netherlands

"Welcome to TodaysArt 2010, the 6th edition of the festival that has, since its inception, been focused on amplifying new and mapping out barely existent forms of – and transdisciplinary relations between – art, music and technology.

Following the successes and dramas (expected and otherwise) of 2009's festival, CONFLICT, TodaysArt has spent the year reflecting and agitating for new questions. Our engagement with ideas of conflict in The Hague had unexpected repercussions, including clashes with the council, which served to highlight to us the necessity of ongoing considerations about the role of the arts in society today.

We are proud to present this year's programme as a stimulus for discussion, a catalyst for more engaged, committed experiences of The Hague as a 'real city'. We are honoured to welcome visitors, artists, contributors, partners and guests into the TodaysArt 2010 sphere.

At the logistic heart of TodaysArt 2010 is the Spuiplein. Here, at the centre of The Hague, the programme is focused on art in public space and the city experience with the Amplified Architecture programme, surrounded by the ambitions and established façades of existing structures in the square.

This year, together with many other cultural organisations, TodaysArt highlighted the waste and misuse of cultural spaces through one of the last legal squat actions in the Netherlands at the Asta theatre. By infiltrating a city space in this way, and through this year's festival, we hope to have an impact on the cultural understanding of the city at all levels.

For this edition we bring together widely varied perspectives from over 150 artists and artist groups; a clamour of different voices that address issues connected with what we want our city to be.

TodaysArt, September 2010"

ECAS supported events during the festival:
Performance "LANX"24.09.2010
ActionPerformance "LANX"
ParticipantsCindy van Acker [CH] & Mika Vainio [FI]
LocationTheater a/h Spui Main Hall, 22:45
Sponsoring Partners
Printfestival programm, pg. 19
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Description In Lanx, Mika Vainio plays live for a solo dance performance by Cindy van Acker, one of the more interesting choreographer/performers in her field. A tension is immediately set up between dancer, audience and sound in the piece as Vainio’s visceral electronics seem to drive van Acker's precise physical movement studies. The focus is at once intensely engrossing and encompassing.

Swiss-based Cindy Van Acker has long been involved in deep, radical studies of movement in combination with leading figures in experimental electronic music playing live on stage as she perform solos; Frédérique Franke, Philip May, Denis Rollet, Jennifer Bonn, and, since 2007’s collaboration on ‘Kernal’, Mika Vainio. Vainio is renowned as one half of electronic music duo Pan Sonic, whose signature analogue electronics are unmistakeable in their harsh beauty, and as a producer in his own right. He also works under the monikers Ø, Philus and others, has solo releases on labels including the UK’s Touch, Finland’s Sähkö and Germany’s Raster-Noton.

Lanx is "a continuous current circulates between the body and the geometrical motifs that encircle it. Balancing on the lines, unfolding its sides, its ridges, its angles, playing with perspectives that continually renew themselves, the body sounds out its capacity to inscribe forms in a predetermined space. Transforming itself as if it were under the effect of an optical illusion, the décor starts to vibrate, to transform itself. This continuum with variable dimensions draws a relative geometry, on the level of sensations."


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