Working Period

ECAS Working Period IV

»Tools for an Unknown Future«
What did we achieve, what will we keep, what has to be left, and how will we proceed?

01.04.2013 - 28.02.2015

The final year of the programme is focused on sustainability and legacy. We will look to the future by developing a set of tools for the co-applicants and other cultural organisations in Europe. We will establish a sustainabile ECAS network, and anticipate having created a legacy for the wider cultural field in Europe.

The final year will map out practical routes towards sustainability.

This applied and theoretical knowledge will be drawn together in a toolkit, which will take the form of a set of resources for cultural production and event organisation, focusing upon the specific insights and expertise of the co-applicants and their partners. The tools will be in the form of online and printed resources.

ECAS Co-Commissions / Artist-in-Residencies / touring packages:
Artist in Residence IV: Nathaniel Budzinski & Theo Cook
AiR 4: »Nine Futures« - Video Documentary
Claire Tolan: »Always Here for you«
Co-Commission: Radio Call II
Sol Rezza : »In the Darkness of the World«
Co-Commission: Radio Call II
ECAS stages:
ECAS stage / 27.03. - 01.04.2014 / Manchester, UK
ICAS RADIO - Manchester
from Futureeverything Festival '14 / 05.04.2014
ECAS Partner Meeting - Boulder
during CMKY Festival, USA / 08.04.2014
ICAS RADIO - Boulder
from Communikey Festival '14 / 11.04.2014
SKAN II - Riga
sound art exhibition / 31.05. - 24.08.2014
»Disruptive Innovation practices for an Unknown Future«
Bozar Festival Symposium / ECAS Working Period 4 / 27.09.2014
musikprotokoll 2014
ECAS stage / 09.10. - 12.10.2014
Skaņu Mežs 2014
ECAS stage / 10.10. - 11.10.2014
from Skanu Mezs Festival'14 / 01.11.2014
ECAS stage / 13.11. - 19.11. 2014
ICAS RADIO - Dresden
from CYNETART Festival '14 / 14.11.2014

ICAS RADIO SHAPE Special - Prague
Meetfactory '14 / 17.04.2015
Final Event Festspielhaus Hellerau Dresden / 28.04. - 02.05.2015

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